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DO NOT mix medication, alcohol, and sleeping pills in one day..your brain fucks with you. It literally turns on you. I won't get into the gross, descriptive details but this is what I will give you..

See, I’m taking tegretol, and I usually take allergy pills to help me sleep but they haven’t been working for me lately..so I took advil pm and It seemed fine..long story short but I can’t even go to sleep because my body wont allow me too. My girlfriend says it might be the beer I drank that’s reacting to the medication.

So now I am here sucking on a lollipop to alleviate the oral fixation that I crave for and relax my anxiety because I don’t want to go outside in the cold to smoke..this is one fucked up night. But other then whats going on I had an amazing day.

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well..time flies by doesn't it?

I only came on here to get in contact with two people..

one doesn't even use her livejournal..and I hope the other

one uses the livejournal that I looked into..:\

I would really like to catch up with the both of you..

I hope you two know who you are..

sarah & lorriane -.-



I miss you guys. It's been a while.

A lot of shit has gone down..A LOT..

And I am here left alone..and in need of some friends..

and I thought of you two..even if we havent talked in what

is what..YEARS? I just randomly thought of you and

I remembered you two never fucked me over..

so please please please..lets catch up :\

Redendo Beach


I took way too many pictures.
So I only uploaded a few to my Flickr
& I am only posting this one on here!
Because I really like it...

Anyways you can check out some of the other
ones on my Flickr account. I only have pictures
of shit that was in the fun factory due to it
being nighttime outside. :)

I really want to go back over there.
It Pwns Santa Monica.
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I am actually

very excited for this movie, it captured my attention in an instant & the music went very well with the intensity and the atmosphere of the trailer. Not to mention the fact there needs to be more animated films that are not targeted towards younger viewers. It's a very refreshing change of direction towards the movie medium. Now what you are about to play isn't the trailer, its actually what the movie (coming to theaters on 9.09.09) is based off of. So enjoy! I know I will. <333